Do the Hustle!


What a banner day. I was up at 3am into work at 4am, finsihed my radio show at 11:15am. I was out the door to the grocery store where I picked up dinner and snacks. Home by 12:30pm. Kissed my baby, did a puzzle with her, said “Hi,” to my husband working from home, opened up the bills and then headed back to work for a spilt shift from 3:30 till 7pm.
I was home by 7:45…I stopped to chat with work mates.I cooked the fish I picked up and ate it at the stove! So hungry. My kids joined me for dessert…fresh strawberries!
So how did I do it. My nanny arrived at 7:15 to get the kids dressed and out the door for school. My husband, relieved of his overnight duty gets himslef ready for his day. My nanny stayed till after 6pm making sure the kids had dinner. Then my husband was on.
For my part, the night before, I’d laid out a compelete outfit for work the night before including shoes, purse and carry-all tote at the door.Bike helmet and keys ready to go. While the kids watched the Inanny, I make their lunch. I’ll buy mine because my lunch is actually breakfast at 6 am. I need a lot of coffee. I had two wardrobe changes with a split shift. Runners where just the thing for heading back into the office at the end of the day. Stylish comfort shoes are a must. I may be a mother of two, but when my kids aren’t with me, no one has to know. Of course I am a proud mother and wife, but I want to be my own person.


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