Under Pressure

Designing Duo Colin and Justin and our European guests

My husband’s friends were coming to dinner. They are in from someplace in Germany… oh and they know Colin and Justin. Who are they, and so? Well they are a design duo with style in spades. They play with colour and pattern no matter what’s in vogue. I adore them and have watched them on tv.

I was at the park getting grubby with my kids when my husband calls to say they are  coming along to meet up with our dinner guests. In my mind the ultimate interior decorators are coming and my house looks like a wind storm blew through. The Sofa….it must be vacuumed. It’s almost symbolic. Get rid of the hidden chaos and grime by showing that dried up cereal who’s boss. I tried to call a maid service. Sunday. Not possible. I was going to be the maid service, as usual. I forced lunch into my children at the park and texted a babysitter. No one was answering the phone. With only 2.5 hours to dinner, I had to think fast. What needs to be cleaned before people show up. My husband joked that I’d lose it, break down, and just fold laundry.  I came home, made beds. Stored clean unfolded laundry in the dryer. Took the dirty stuff and stuff without a home and put it into the laundry basket.

Bedrooms, even clean ones can be stuffy. I spritzed the sheets with conditioner and water!  It freshens things up. Cleaned up as many flat surfaces. Putting away paper and books. A quick sweep and a few bags of garbage later we were ready. I had no makeup on. But a clean face, a glass of wine and perfume make everyone look ready for guests.

So how did I do it. Collecting names of capable babysitters is key. At the moment I only have one. I started cleaning up toys the day before. Keeping ontop of toys is a job I neglect and regret. My husband and I are a good team when it comes to dinner parties. He does the food and I do the house. But here’s the annoying habit he has…. he likes to argue about highly inappropriate issues while I am rushing around trying to make it all work. This time? why we don’t have enough sex! Are you kidding me?!

These stress arguments are tough. How do you NOT  get pulled into them? If you know… share.

So Colin anf Justin show up and get a house tour. “Lovely, lovely, nice idea for a second floor laundry in a small space,” they say. When I think the tour is done… they ask to see the basement. “Sure!” I am really thinking whatever.  At this point I’d had enough wine not to care much.

I feel primed for dinner party/cocktail season. Bring it on.




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