Middle Age Problems

The window for my last possible child is closing. I am  past 40 and it’s now or never. It is hard to come to terms with leaving the childbearing time of life behind. No more making friends in the park, no more watching a tiny being turn into a the master of their little world. I enjoy the baby stage even with all the challenges.

I was talking to my fertility doctor and investigating the possibility. I told him about this pain on my left side that I get. He checked it out with his ultrasound and it looks like Gallstones and sludge.

No way to have a baby till that’s taken care of and soon. I called my naturopath. I’m seeing her later today. I also booked another ultrasound to check it out and be sure. The treatment is removal. And then no fatty foods for me, or risk the runs!

This is an unpleasant development. And my back pain is as a result of losing some curvature in my spine after being pregnant twice. I have said for a long time, I am not done with babies, but maybe very soon I will have to say finally, I AM done.


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